High fidelity loudspeakers and sound monitors
A sound revelation for a sound revolution

For Music Professionals

A versatile loudspeaker for music production: recording, tracking, mixing, and mastering

Reliably work on all aspects of music production with a single fullrange transducer, extended and accurate frequency response, precise phase response, pin-point stereo imaging, and highly detailed dynamics

For Music Lovers

An authentic sound and functional design for those in pursuit of quality

Effortlessly recreate an engrossing acoustic and aesthetic experience in your home or office with a sound system designed to play music as it was meant to be heard

Entire L

For Music Performers

A robust live sound reinforcement system for delivering your signature sound 

Perform with a complete confidence in the PA system that assures a near perfect translation of your sound to the audience, regardless of the genre of music, and intensity of the occasion

For Music Partners

A finely crafted product for complimenting your brand image and values

Provide subtle but memorable reinforcement of your brand values through music and design at your cafe, restaurant, hotel, shop, or office

Entire is a unique high fidelity loudspeaker designed and engineered for sound monitoring as well as casual listening. Available in preconfigured or customisable units for music production, sound reinforcement, and hi-fi audio applications. Designed and assembled in the Nordics.

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